Selecting the Appropriate Nicotine Level in an Electronic Cigarette

Having the best e cig, isn’t enough. You should also have the best possible nicotine strength that you and your body are comfortable with. It is important to know more about the electronic cigarettes and the strength of nicotine, so that you don’t smoke an electronic cigarette that are stronger than what you are used and.

And, the same goes for when you smoke a cigarette that is not as strong as what you are used to. This is why you should have all the information possible, so that you can select the appropriate nicotine level for your electronic cigarette.

What are the right level for you?

When you are buying the refill packs of the best e cig, then you will notice that there are different levels of nicotine. It can be hard to decide what nicotine level you should go with. But, there are some things that you could consider.

If you are a beginner and didn’t smoke before, then it is highly recommended that you are going for the ultra-lite. This is the best option for you, if you never have smoked before, or if you had just smoke light cigarettes before you started on the electronic cigarette.

And if you are a heavy smoker and you want to maintain your level of nicotine that you used to, then you should look for the bold flavors. Then, the amount of nicotine will be about right for you. It is also a great option to start high if you are a heavy smoker, and decrease your nicotine levels as you are going along. This is a great way of getting to refill that has no nicotine in.

Information about the different levels

Normally you will see on the package of refills different levels of nicotine. You will see the words bold, full flavor and no nicotine. Here they don’t talk about the flavor of the best e cig. They are talking here about the levels of the nicotine. If you don’t really know what the levels of these words mean, here are the amount of nicotine of each level.

  • No nicotine is easy. There are absolutely no nicotine levels in the refill. This is great if you are looking to quit smoking.
  • Ultra light, has only a nicotine level of 0.6% nicotine in each refill.
  • Light has about 1.2% nicotine in the refill.
  • Regular has 1.8% nicotine in each refill.
  • Full flavor has about 2.4% nicotine in each and every refill,
  • And, the one with the most nicotine is the Bold with 3.6% of nicotine in the refill.

Now, you can make a better choice of nicotine level that you want. With this chart, you won’t use the wrong level.

When you are smoking the electric cigarette, then it is important to know that you are smoking the strength that your body is used to and that you are not getting more nicotine into your body than what your body can handle. It isn’t recommended to use more nicotine of the best e cig than what you are used to and now, you will know all the different strengths.

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