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Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe

How Safe are Electronic Cigarettes?

No matter how much you smoke, there is a constant awareness of just how unsafe smoking is for your health. Worse, those are around you are also in danger from second-hand smoking. Quitting or even cutting is often sabotaged by the need for tobacco. Stress, depression, or a sudden crisis can send former smokers back to the nearest convenience for “just one more pack.” Electronic cigarettes offer a smoke-free way to have nicotine. Going smokeless saves those from sharing the risk of smoke along with you, but how safe are E-cigarettes for the smoker?

Dangerous Chemicals Released in Smoke

With every cigarette you smoke you release over 4,000 chemicals into the area around you, and into your lungs. At least 69 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer. Tar is especially dangerous, and while most are aware of the dangers this poses for the lungs this pollutant can affect several major organs of the body. The delicate tissues of the throat and esophagus for example aren’t equipped to deal with these toxic substances on a daily basis.

Chemical Effects of Smoking on the Human Body

Most smokers will feel the effects in a coughing, along with frequent throat infections, and bronchitis. Since the chemicals and tar can actually rot lung tissue, disease such as emphysema, and various cancers of the lung and throat are common consequences of this habit. Heart disease and stroke have also been linked to smoking cigarettes.

High Cost of Smoking

The smoker pays heavily in a number of ways other than his or her health. The cost of cigarettes continues to climb as many cities and state tax this product heavily. Cigarette smokers often see tiny burns on clothing or upholstery from cigarette embers. Some insurance companies force the smoker to pay more, and landlords frequently ask for a larger deposit from tenants who smoke due to the increased risk of fires. Employers wary of workers who might become ill turn smokers down for jobs. Some who smoke also pay an emotional cost in losing relationships due to this difficult habit.

The Smokeless Cigarette

The E-cigarette eliminates the dangerous aspect of smoke from the experience of having a cigarette. Those around someone enjoying an electronic cigarette are often unaware unless they actually see the “smoker” raise the tube-like device to take a puff. There is no second-hand smoke, and even those sitting close by the user are not affected. It’s possible to enjoy the device anywhere without fear of smoke, and without the concern of accidentally failing to put a cigarette out completely. The E-cigarette doesn’t “burn” so there’s less risk of accidental fire.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Imagine sitting at your desk at work and having a puff of a cigarette? For most in the U.S. and U.K. few people remember being able to smoke at work or in a public place. Out of concern for others, or because of city and state laws there are only a few places for a smoker to enjoy the habit. Even these few places are rapidly disappearing as so many people are offended by the presence of smoke in the air. While the E-cigarette is shaped like a traditional cigarette, the resemblance stops there as this device has no combustion.

Referred to as an alternative nicotine delivery system the E-cigarette releases a water vapor laced with nicotine. The nicotine is housed in a cartridge, and the user inhales the vapor just as with a regular combustible cigarette. Offered in various flavors including tobacco the E-cigarette offers much the same experience as a “regular” cigarette. The device is battery operated and noiseless.

Those who manufacture the E-cigarette (e.g. Ozone Smoke) believe they have found the safest alternative to smoking possible. Absent in the electronic version of a cigarette are most of the dangerous chemicals which pose a cancer risk to the smoker, and those nearby anyone using the device. Just as the smoke itself is absent so too is the tar. The vapor is only released when the person using the device takes a puff, and those around the “smoker” seldom smell any of the flavor the electronic cigarette is releasing. The danger to those around the person using the E-cigarette is thus eliminated.Do you want to know if e-cig is safe or not? go to http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/05/09/e-liquid-in-e-cigarettes-is-it-safe.aspx for more details.

Less Risk of Fire

When the device is in use it does have an electrical current, and parts of the E-cigarette do become warm. Care should be taken not to place the device on or near anything flammable until it cools down. Still, this is much less of a concern, or risk to health than with a combustible cigarette.

Cutting Down

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe

The electronic cigarette having fewer additives and less health risk makes it a safer product. While the product offers the same satisfying experience as cigarettes, many use the device to help them quit. Even those who are wary of the electronic cigarette as it’s a relatively new product, do agree that research shows those using the product have less difficulty in cutting down on the use of nicotine.