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E Cigarettes

E Cigarettes – Myth vs. Reality

In the United States and Europe, places where tobacco restriction laws are increasingly severe, you can see people sporting a different type of cigarette between their lips, the famous best e cig. Apparently similar to traditional cigarettes, they stay with the red tip when the bring-smoking, and release smoke. But to the astonishment – and joy – of people around, the smoke does not smell at all, and the “hot” at the tip of the cigarette is an artificial light. These are electronic cigarettes, called “e-cigarettes” out there. Created in 2009, they turned fashion by promising benefits to the health of smokers. Moreover, they are tolerated at sites where conventional cigarettes are prohibited, such as airports and even hospitals. But will they do as well as state companies that sell them?

Knowing more about the best e cig.

At first glance, electronic cigarettes have many advantages. Although its format is like the good old traditional cigarette, they are made of plastic and have no tobacco inside (some come in different shapes). An atomizer spreads nicotine into tiny droplets that mix the steam produced by the device. The smoker draws nicotine and releases only steam odorless. Thus, one is not left with the unpleasant smell of smoke, and who is next does not smoke passively. Cigarettes contain nicotine only and do not take toxic substances such as tar or additives in tobacco conventional cigarettes, it is possible to add the famous best e juice and have fun with different flavors.check additional information found at http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/ban-on-e-cig-sales-to-minors-signed-into-law/article/feed/2176092

Advantage or problem?

By presenting all these advantages, e-cigarettes are getting more space outside. Many smokers exchanged traditional cigarettes by electronics, is for the health benefits, is the cost. While the packs of traditional cigarettes have their high prices for taxes, e-cigarettes are rechargeable. Those who decide to use e cigs instead of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day could save up to one thousand dollars a year on electronic cigarettes.

Although such people ensure that the best e-cigs are a great alternative to conventional cigarette and even help to stop smoking, some countries such as Brazil still prohibit them in the country (we know it is much more about money than health though, otherwise traditional cigarettes and their companies would sink).

What about researches?

E Cigarettes

If it depends on researchers at the University of California, electronic cigarettes will never be released anywhere else, especially when it comes to protecting the human lung. The conclusion was that after ten puffs of inhaled aerosol density decreases and the smoker must double the force to achieve the same amount of nicotine. This could damage the respiratory system, which means they are not such a wonderful choice after all. Of course there are the pros and cons; however we should now that no single form of smoking is 100% safe and good for those who do it. Now, if you want to be safer so the best e cig would definite be a good choice, so you can save your lungs for much longer.

Smoking With Ecigs

Electronic Cigarettes – The New Buzz Among Smokers

Electronic cigarette or e-Cigarettes are the latest buzzword among smokers. Electronic cigarette is the latest scientific invention which is beneficial for smokers from all over the world. Electronic cigarettes provide a greener, safer and healthier way of smoking. Electronic cigarette is smoke free and it has no harm on environment as well as other people around the person smoking e-Cigarette.

Smoking – No Longer Prohibited With e-Cigarettes

After invention of electronic cigarette now it is possible to smoke even at those places where smoking is prohibited. Smokers do not have to suppress their urges of smoking when at public places. Now they can smoke anywhere anytime, be it a pub, theatre or waiting lounge at airport or railway terminals. Being smoke free electronic cigarettes are out of legal bounds and even person sitting next to a smoker couldn’t complain to stop smoking.

Passive Smoking – No Longer A Worry

Passive smoking is among one of the most harmful effects of smoking. In case of traditional smoking, along with smokers their family members or people around them were also prone to harmful effects of passive smoking. However, after adopting electronic cigarettes there is no such harm as caused by passive smoking.

Electronic Cigarettes – Safer for Environment

Electronic cigarette doesn’t emit smoke or any other harmful gases like carbon monoxide. It is also tar free, so there is no harm to environment by smoking electronic cigarettes. Electronic smoking is a greener alternative for environment loving smokers.

Reduced Health Problems

Although the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has still not confirmed the health benefits of electronic cigarettes. But being smoke free, electronic smoking prevents several common health problems caused by smoking. While smoking electronic cigarettes, the lungs no longer absorb smoke containing carbon monoxide and tar. That means less fear of lungs cancer and other respiratory system related issues caused by traditional smoking.

Apart from aforementioned benefits there are some other benefits too. Usually in case of traditional smoking, people have to bear with stinking smell of smoke, the ash causes dirt everywhere around the place where people used to smoke. After adopting electronic cigarettes, these problems are over.

Smoking With Ecigs

With several benefits as discussed earlier, more and more smokers are now trying this new scientific invention. Nowadays, the awareness about bad effects of smoking also encouraged people to quit smoking or to switch to electronic cigarettes. Studies also reveal that electronic cigarettes are helpful for people who seriously want to quit smoking. Many smokers have used electronic cigarettes for this purpose.

E-Cigarettes Safe

Are E-Cigarettes Safe? The Truth!

Lately we have been hearing all kinds of talk about the safety of electronic cigarettes, some say e-cigarettes are actually not safe while others say they are. Well, here is the truth about the safety of e-cigarettes.

It never really stops to amaze me how much people hate the word cigarette! All you have to do is mention it and you’ll get contemptuous looks all around. People really do hate cigarettes and when watching some of the comments and conversations in the media concerning the safety profile of e-cigarette, the ignorance of people just makes me laugh.

Somebody on TV I heard say that e-cigarettes must be dangerous because they have some chemicals in them. Well, if that is true, then you will also have to stop eating, drinking and breathing too because they all have chemicals in them, in fact, we have chemicals all around us, EVERYWHERE. Not all chemicals are going to kill or even harm you in anyway, the ones in electronic cigarettes are actually very safe, a LOT safer than the chemicals that you get for example from eating canned food or drinking diet sodas.

The only potentially dangerous part of vapor that e-cigarettes produce is nicotine. Nicotine is a stimulant and it is addictive but many experts argue about the safety of nicotine. Many say that it is not as dangerous as caffeine and some say that it is equally hazardous to your health with caffeine. Some have even claimed that it would be worse than caffeine but not many believe it to be true. No matter how you look at it. It most likely isn’t very harmful to your health.E-Cigarettes SafeSo e-cigarettes actually aren’t dangerous unlike what that “expert” said on TV?

No! Short and simple — they are NOT dangerous to your health! Just like said before, eating canned pineapples will result in more harmful chemicals entering your body than if you were to use e-cigarettes. A bag of potato chips won’t even compare with e-cigarettes; it is 99% more dangerous. The point is that we get all kinds of chemicals from pretty much everywhere and the ones in electronic cigarettes aren’t even that harmful to you.

Then why are some people still saying that electronic cigarettes are dangerous and should be banned?

The reason for this is very simple, they hate cigarettes, electronic or not, they just hate cigarettes. They couldn’t care less about how safe electronic cigarettes are! If they look like cigarettes and produce something that could be mistaken as smoke, they HATE it! Facts mean nothing to these ignorant idiots that are there only to judge everything and anything that has something to do with cigarettes!  Learn more information about the safeness of e-cigs at http://www.reviewjournal.com/life/health/what-you-need-know-about-electronic-cigarettes

Well, in conclusion all I can say is let haters hate and let us enjoy our electronic cigarettes..