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Electronic cigarettes

Getting the best E Juice for you!

The choice of best e juice for most people remains the most complicated things in the world in the Electronic cigarettes, and then meddle in the head who want a taste identical to that smoked even worse, it is best to even forget that, let’s first consider our brand tobacco is over and we have to choose a new one, in the area of the tips already warned that several manufacturers sell E-liquid with identical or equal to the tobacco brand names, but believe me it is very different, because the combustion of a cigarette paper where we have , tobacco mixtures and the thousand ingredients that tobacco companies put to us addicted to is already impossible to emulate.

And composition of the best e juices.

• VG – Vegetable Glycerin
• PG – Propylene Glycol
• PEG 400 – Polyethylene Glycol (little used, but for those who are allergic to PG can be a solution)


Be very careful when handling the nicotine because it is a very toxic product and easily absorbed by the skin, should use protective gloves when handling normally nicotine for sale in specialty stores is just the 52mg. Either way it is not mandatory to use nicotine in electronic cigarettes, in my case usually use after the E-liquid coffee with some nicotine and then overnight use some E-liquid without nicotine, usually in this case use of liquids like fruit of the best e cig out there.

Flavor and aroma – understand the differences.

And Flavour / aromatic I have no number of variety of scents that can find but I’ve seen very strange things like anchovies, bacon and so on, down to the usual, which are tobacco-based, fruit, drinks, candy and varieties of menthol and mint.

Attention has always to choose the best e juice that is water soluble and not very choose caramel base, first because the other without being soluble in water, the base is typically oil and are hazardous, because it can damage the second atomizer electronic cigarette.

Diluent- No, not the diluent used in paints, serves to dilute mixtures of liquids, in some cases with much nicotine to download, or liquids with very sharp taste.

Although the image is the most usual vodka is distilled water, but it can get a little to the imagination of each, since they are careful in choosing because some additives or extenders who want to use can be dangerous to vaporize. This part of the liquid components is more for those who wish to make their own net, but it soon will make a further item on the subject, because most vapers provide their own brand of e liquids.

PG and VG; What are they

• Both are solvents used in several areas such as:
• Medicines, cosmetics, toothpaste, massage oils,
• paintball balls, deodorant sticks, tobacco additives, etc.checkout more details at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health/provinces-move-to-regulate-e-cigarettes-as-ottawa-studies-issue/article24402414/

One of its most common uses is the solvent for dyes and flavorings, PG is identified as E1520 on packaging. In the context of the best eCigs the VG / PG is the basis of all and Liquid, basically, as fat and as such have a series of advantages over the water, do not evaporate / dry so easily, they blend well with flavoring and especially with liquid nicotine. And Liquid = PG / VG + + aroma nicotine

Electronic cigarettes

What are the differences between the two?

The PG is more common and probably why was used exclusively at first, but the VG has become so popular or more. When vaporized the consensus is that the PG retain more flavor but the VG produces a thicker vapor making it perfect for the best e juice.