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Custom Wood Box Mod v2

Best Box Mod Guide

What are the Mods? This is the first step to know which the best box mod available is for you.

The word “fashion” is modified, that is, changes that some factories or individuals made in ecigs standards or that they have created. However, here we enter a broad more advanced or technical area that could extend and deepen a book or course only to discuss this issue. This is a subject (and a hobby) to the closest in technical aspects of electronics area, for those who highly value the aesthetics of objects and enjoying the subtleties of flavors.read latest blog post at http://www.quitsmokingaids.org/getting-the-best-e-juice-for-you/

The best box mod is all over!

Opens parentheses; Possess or understand a mod is not essential to enter the world of electronic cigarettes in order to abandon or reduce tobacco. As it is said in jest, “it is a plus more” for the curious or vocation; but we must recognize that thanks to these pioneers that the “culture” of the electronic cigarette has developed and expanded. In the early days of ecigs due to shortages of products and options (and probably high prices) that took the most talented and creative smokers to create their own solutions to vapour power and have their own best e cig. To date, most of the topics of the forums is dedicated to these issues. What is great on one hand, but it confuses the beginner on the other. Close parentheses.

As this topic is for beginners and people who do not want a lot of work, are not going to delve too much in the subject. However, it is good to know that there are these devices and that actually does not take much technical knowledge to be able to use them and enjoy them. Just to understand them.

The mods have different models.

Mods can be industrial and home / craft. The first are modifications or improvements of cloning with some original electronic cigarettes, patented by other manufacturers. Most are based on the eGoJoyetech, with its thread 510, but there are with others. In addition, there are several adapters which allow exchange of these threads.
And there are also craft fabrications of some vapours, whose technical creativity and aesthetics seems unlimited.

Industrial Mods

In mods made by small or medium-sized industries, in this case the majority being American or European, these changes are primarily related to voltage variation of capacity (or wattage) of the product. That is, with these devices you can vary the voltage of the battery at will (within a frame), which means that there is also a change in the quantity of steam and the quality of taste of the liquid.

Custom Wood Box Mod v2

This possibility in electronics, coupled with the immense amount of flavors and different formulas of the base of juices (PG + VG), turned into something like a hobby (art? Science?) As Gastronomy or Wine-lovers, for example (the concept of Alchemy is also interesting). Today, enthusiasts and experts gather the world in various meetings, fairs and festivals up to exchange information and experience on e-liquids and electronic cigarettes.checkout latest news and updates at http://www.tcpalm.com/franchise/shaping-our-future/port-st-lucie-outlaws-use-of-ecigarettes-in-public-places-where-traditional-smoking-is-banned_98192695

As for aesthetic or ergonomic most of these mods tube or box or is, or has the form of a tube or a box. The choice will belong to the customer that will be able to create his own best e cig.